Artist's Statement

Artist statement

I am considered a contemporary realist painter. Often I have been compared to the Old Dutch masters, I don't know if I would go that far but it is flattering, it is true my work has similarities but with a little modern twist.

In late 2009, I started painting again after many year of computer based technical illustration. I started slow and maybe did 20 paintings in 2 years. In 2011 painting started to take over my life and began painting almost every day. I thought my paintings were pretty good so I started entering juried events with little success, looking back I can see why but I never let it deter me, I kept at all the while my skills were improving day by day. In 2012 I switched from acrylics to oils, this had an immediate impact on my work, the medium suited my painting style and I continued to improve. Although I have only been painting a short time, I have made great strides. I was invited to become an instructor with Visual Arts Mississauga and have been juried into 2 art groups, the Colour and Form Society and the Mississauga Art Society, I have also been into some great art festivals and juried arts shows in the GTA and now have gallery representation in St Catherine's at the TAG art gallery.

In my work I draw inspiration from everyday objects. Fruit, ceramic, metals and odd objects I stumble across. It could be colour, shape or perhaps a reflection that I just have to explore. Most of my props come from thrift stores, I am always amazed what people donate, I have found some amazing things. Recently I have started to experiment with plein-air which brings its own set of challenges, including bugs landing in your wet paint or a painting falling off the easel and landing on the ground paint side down.

Although my paintings are based on objects, these are secondary to light, form, value and colour relationship. This is my struggle between these elements and reality and somewhere in there is what I am trying to achieve, I am fight with detail or the level I need to achieve my goal and still have the painting based in reality.

I have also realize that not every painting will turn out, painfully of course, that's just part of the process. I look forward to what the future holds for me as I grow as an artist. You can follow my process at