Artist Bio

My inspiration has always been drawing objects. In my early twenties, I applied to art college and was accepted, and spent a year learning how to draw and paint. I then chose to focus on Technical Illustration. I also continued with life drawing because I loved it so much.

After college, I worked in multimedia for over a decade. I found the digital world sterile, and I felt no connection to artistic fulfillment anymore. I slowly transitioned to more traditional work by picking up a paintbrush and painting again. Although a long process, it was very satisfying.

Since then, I have been painting almost everyday, and my work has been steadily improving with each painting. During the last three years, I have been juried into two art societies, have gallery representation, have participated in many juried exhibitions, and shown my work at three art festivals in 2014 (most notably the Buckhorn Fine Arts Festival).  Last year, one of my paintings was accepted in the Ontario Society of Artists juried show Soaring Ambitions. In 2013, I was invited to by VAM to become an instructor of oils and acrylics, and enjoy teaching everything I have learned to others who appreciate painting.